Thursday, April 10, 2008

Corrupt Cops in Texas

What is a Good Cop?
Thank you for stopping by so lets get right down to the answer? I dont know!
As of this first posting I will not reveal my name because of the impact of things that go on day in and day out in the Judicial Section.
Im a firm believer in justice but wait a second, my own brother is a cop and hell he has already shot and killed someone for his excellent behavior. Killing a man! Outstanding! B.S.
The truth about what Im going to say is that the plain truth about what really goes on behind the scenes of these so called egotistical assholes with a badge! These are the people that seem to show up when you dont need them the most and are never there when you dont.
But lets get into a little story of a police department in a town called San Angelo Texas.
Tom Green County Texas if there were a more screwed up system in the United States them please feel free to comment.
I recently had to go to the slammer. For and Ill tell you what I did I was driving a truck that looked like the other truck, but wait its better, I just moved into town "San Angelo Texas" from Midland Tx. I havnt had a speeding ticket of anykind in 15 or so years, had a great job in the security industry that took a year to get a license because background check. Passed with flying colors. Now I just got into town been pulled over 3 times in one week all on different charges and finally the door gets shut on me? Anyway after a quick layover a the Tom Green County Jail a was palced into population, the bad dudes section, what I discovered in a few nights blew my mind. You know how there is always drugs in jails! Well let me tell you the secret. ITS THE COPS they run the show but then again why not keep someone locked up in a cell who can get it delivered by the cops for the cops and the cops all are getting payed to get it. They even came up to the cell to get high Im talking METH! Thats right the COPS brought it in they went with the convicts to go play handball the next thing I know Im smelling an unknown crazy smelling substance and who is in there one cop next cop next you get the picture. They smoke brew it as tea and gives them a buzz like any other; So I had to ask the man in charge how much do these COPS bring in? "As much as I tell tem to" and how do they get paid? "They bust anyone that gets in there way laughing... look at the docket in the Sunday paper and youll see how many people they bust here its crazy they are worse than we are but they have a badge and they pay themselves more on a Friday and Saturday night than most hard working people make in a
year. They are all ICE HEADS". This statement is scary but true! Tom green County Texas has more Ice go through the biggest small town in Texas than most anyplace Ive ever seen and the Police say it comes from Mexico. No it doesnt you idiots its made right here in town.
Police Corruption to uphold the law! To protect there assets they have by taking threats to there pocket books off the streets thats the Tom Green County Texas Way.
I was at lake Nasworthy last summer and seen something so disturbing I had to call it in. Though I dont drink my friends wanted me to take my big ass boat to the horshoe a party place at the lake to show it to some friends; so I said okay just as long as no idiots want to climb in it. Got next to a bigger party boat and a man whom was next to me was so drunk he couldnt even make his own drink; he had minors on the boat from the local college drinking with him I didnt really care for the fellow except he was quick to become friends in his stuper. I told everyone I was going to stay in the boat as I watched this idiot whom I found out had some $$$$$ behind his name FORBES magazine type money. I seen some lake cops walking around the park talking with people and there was a hispanic man and his family having a picnic and thats all they where away from the crowd and not doing anything. But laughing with his wife and 2 kids. COPS approched him and arrested him after seeing he had a beer in his hand as everyother person that was there did that day. I was kinda curios to what he had done so I got down to ask the lake COP. "He was drunk" the cop said and we dont stand for that" Ok damn there hard on people I thought he was having a good time with his family so I told the fellow next to me FORBES You had better leave the COPS are busting people! He looked at me and smiled "I own this lake and them they want do anything" and sure enough here comes the COPS To talk with this erogant drunk fellow. "Dave everything OK" yeah just partying OK Ill see you later. He gets in his boat backs it nearly over people in the water and lets him drive it home OH he lives on the lake, Um Ill wait here while he kills someone for BWI. Then it happened he ran into the opposing bank and the set off for home. In disbelief I had to follow. Well he made it to his house on the lake runnign wide open through the no wake zone for atleast a mile. And who was waiting for him at his house? Oh his buddy Bruce Burkett the COP that let him drive helped him out of his boat and sat around to shoot the bull together.
He owns the lake alright and he also owns the man whos running for San Angelo Police Chief this year in 2008.
And the stories will continue!